PostBus to expand town's bus schedule amid rush of Netflix tourists from Korea

PostBus to expand town's bus schedule amid rush of Netflix tourists from Korea

The South Korean hit Netflix drama Crash Landing on You has boosted Switzerland’s popularity amongst many tourists from Asia. Because of the increased interest in visiting the Iseltwald film location on Lake Brienz, PostBus has been forced to expand its bus timetable to cope with demand. 

Passengers on PostBus route 103 have skyrocketed

Since the start of summer, 2022, the number of passengers visiting the film location near the lake has increased significantly. The reason: they wanted to visit some of the most iconic film locations featured in the series. 

The public transportation firm PostBus had been forced to run more services to keep up with the demand from all the new tourists. However, after the height of the summer, the company assumed that demand would return to normal after the warm season, so they returned to the previous schedule. 

Postbus surprised by more tourists heading to Switzerland

This turned out to be a big mistake: tourists continued to flock to the village even during the cold winter weather, packing out buses as they tried to reach the remote location. "In November and December 2022, four times as many passengers were transported as usual this season, and even significantly more than in the high season before COVID," PostBus wrote in a press release.

The Swiss landscape featured in the K-drama proved popular with fans from South Korea and beyond, with many paying pilgrimages to several of the most recognised settings. One scene in particular, involving a piano at the end of a pier on the lake, has brought many visitors to the region around the Brienz peninsula. 

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