5 most common things left behind at Swiss ski resorts

5 most common things left behind at Swiss ski resorts

A new study by the Interhome Group has compiled a list of the items most frequently left behind at Swiss ski resorts. Number one item on the list? Socks and underwear!

Don’t forget your socks!

As changing from ski socks and boots to comfy footwear is such a constant part of the snow sports experience, it makes sense that many people lose their socks during their skiing holiday. The Interhome Group, a tourism firm specialised in renting out apartments to tourists in the Alps, say that since many people are keen to shower right after skiing, socks and underwear often get pushed under the bed and get forgotten about when ski-tourists leave. 

The Interhome group managed to find out which items were most commonly left behind by looking at the lost and found data from their local service offices in Switzerland, Austria and France.

Interhome group's top five most left behind items in Switzerland

The group were then able to find out that these are the most frequently left-behind items at Swiss ski resorts:

  1. Socks and underwear
  2. Tablets, laptops and chargers
  3. Ski equipment
  4. Food
  5. Sex toys

Interhome Group's study serves as a reminder for skiers across Switzerland and beyond to always check your accommodation before you depart, to avoid leaving your belongings in the Swiss mountains.

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