Fondue and raclette re-legalised in Swiss cable cars

Fondue and raclette re-legalised in Swiss cable cars

Attention cheese lovers everywhere: the Federal Department of Transport in Switzerland has lifted the ban on raclette and fondue cheese in cable cars. Banned since 2019, the Swiss staple is now available on gondolas in Swiss ski resorts once again.

Fondue and raclette a staple in Swiss ski resorts

Until 2019, many resorts in the Swiss mountains offered luxury dining experiences for people who wanted to eat fondue and raclette suspended hundreds of metres up in the air. However, in 2019, European laws were introduced that banned open flames in closed cable cars, which Switzerland had to sadly follow suit on, despite no incidents of that kind being reported by the fire brigade before.

Barring a few loopholes allowing melted cheese but no flames in cable cars, the law essentially meant the end of many dining experiences in Swiss resorts. This was a substantial loss for some areas, as COVID restrictions and the subsequent drop in tourism meant many places were looking for innovative ways to make money.

Cable car fondue re-legalised in Switzerland

Not to be deterred, the Swiss Ski Lift Association (RMS) came up with an innovative solution. To ensure fire safety, they would use a table made of fireproof material. The RMS submitted the proposal to the Federal Office of Transport, which re-legalised the practice last Monday.

In response, the director of the RMS, Berno Stoffel, said, “Guests will [again] enjoy a beautiful view and a delicious menu without having to worry about safety.” From now on, families, couples and individuals will be able to enjoy Swiss delicacies from the best seat in the house.

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