Basel ranked as one of the best European cities for street food

Basel ranked as one of the best European cities for street food

Along with being the home to a number of international companies and a thriving culture and art scene, Basel has now been ranked as one of the best cities in Europe for street food. The ranking by TravelMag praised the Swiss city for its street food festivals and the wide diversity of cuisine to choose from.

Best places for street food in Europe revealed

TravelMag, an international travel website, created a list of 20 of the best places in Europe to eat street food. In the ranking, they wanted to highlight how local street food impacts a city's culture and restaurant cuisine. 

Instead of the places more commonly associated with street food, like Amsterdam and Berlin, TravelMag chose to focus on cities with a population of under one million people. To be included in the list, each location had to bring something fresh and unique to the table, “Whether that’s centuries-old local sandwich recipes or ethnically-diverse dishes from multicultural communities.” 

Basel praised for its great diversity in street food

The city on the banks of the River Rhine was given a glowing review by TravelMag, who praised Basel for its dedicated street food markets in the Markthalle and KLARA, along with its well known street food favourites like Franky’s BBQ and pasta at Pastardo. No matter where you are in the city, there is always something tasty to get your teeth into.

Alongside other cities like The Hague and Düsseldorf, Basel was given special praise for how street food culture has made its mark on the city's social calendar. They said that the Food Market Festival in April and August, and the weekly street food events in Marktplatz and Meret Oppenheim Platz, make the pursuit of great street food integral to the culture of Basel.

For the full list of cities featured, visit the TravelMag website.

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