Baby born during BBQ competition at Swiss festival given free entry for life

Baby born during BBQ competition at Swiss festival given free entry for life

Last week, a woman working at a local food festival in Courtemelon, Canton Jura got a little more than she bargained for, after she gave birth in the middle of the event. Thanks to his surprise appearance, the child of the couple - who were there to help run a barbecuing competition - will be given a special birthday gift from the event’s organisers.

Baby born in the middle of barbecuing competition

According to a report given to 20 Minuten, the couple from Canton Solothurn were at the 10th Grand Market and Concourse to organise the Bell BBQ Single Masters Grilling Championship. The competition is designed to see who in Switzerland is the best “Grillmeister”, with participants graded on the taste, bite, and appearance of their barbequed dishes. Winners of the competition get a 5.000-franc prize.

Unfortunately, as the two workers were preparing the grills, the woman suddenly went into labour. Speaking to 20 Minuten, they said that they weren’t expecting the little boy’s arrival so soon, as they were only in the 32nd week of pregnancy - they hadn’t even thought of a name

The emergency services were soon called and the lady was rushed to the food tent to be taken care of. Despite their best efforts, the ambulance arrived too late, with the baby being born before paramedics could arrive. Thankfully, both the newborn boy and his mother are both well and are recovering in hospital.

Baby Maurice given lifetime free entry to Swiss festival

Eschewing the more popular Swiss baby names, and to commemorate the fact that the child was born across the Röstigraben, the German-speaking couple chose to name the baby Maurice, after Saint Maurice. They explained that the name of the premature child "was apt, because Saint Maurice or Mauritius is also considered the patron saint of armies. And anyone who is born as strong as this little boy is actually a brave little fighter." 

For its part, the head of the Grand Market and Concourse in Courtemelon expressed his congratulations to the family. As a memorable present, "Little Maurice will have free entry to this festival for the rest of his life", he confirmed. 

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