FSO reveals the most popular baby names in Switzerland

FSO reveals the most popular baby names in Switzerland

A new report from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has revealed the most popular baby names in Switzerland for 2022. The FSO noted that last year, a different Swiss name clinched a top spot on the list, while a number of other first names have seen their popularity rise.

Emma is the most popular girls' name in Switzerland

In 2022, Emma overtook Mia to be ranked as the most popular girls' name across Swiss cities and cantons. Last year, 361 births were registered with the name, which has its origins in the word meaning “whole" or "universal” in German (ermen) or “all containing” in Hebrew. Mia placed second with 356 new birth certificates issued, while Sofia went from seventh in 2021 to third in 2022 with 318.

Despite losing out to Mia in 2021 and 2020, Emma has claimed the top spot in Switzerland on five other occasions since 2010. The FSO noted that the name Solea - derived from the French “solenelle” meaning “sun” or “sunny” - saw the biggest increase in popularity this year, rising by 241 places in the overall ranking. By contrast, the name Kiara saw the biggest fall in registrations last year, losing 82 places.

Most popular baby girls' names in Switzerland in 2022

In all, here are the top baby girls’ names in Switzerland for 2022:

  1. Emma (361)
  2. Mia (356)
  3. Sofia (318)
  4. Emilia (292)
  5. Lina (289)
  6. Elena (280)
  7. Mila (267)
  8. Nora (258)
  9. Malea (249)
  10. Lia (230)

Interestingly, the top three changed dramatically depending on location. In German-speaking areas, Emilia claimed the top spot, followed by Mia and Malea. In the Romande the name Alice placed first with Emma in second and Olivia in third, while Ticino rated Sofia best, followed by Aurora and Emily. The top three in Romansh-speaking areas were Lia, Sofia and Elin.

Noah, Liam and Matteo return to the podium

While it was all change at the top of the girls' ranking, the most popular baby boys’ names in Switzerland remained largely the same in 2022. With 540 registrations, Noah took first place once again, followed by the usual podium occupiers Liam and Matteo.

Noah - from Noach meaning “rest” in Hebrew - was also the most popular name in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2021. The baby boys' name that gained the most popularity in 2022 was Lior - a name sourced from a Hebrew word meaning “my light” - with 160 places gained, while the Italian name Gino, meaning ever-living, saw its position decline the most with 66 places lost.

10 most popular baby boys' names in Switzerland

Here are the most popular baby boys’ names in Switzerland last year:

  1. Noah (540)
  2. Liam (428)
  3. Matteo (353)
  4. Leon (293)
  5. Luca (291)
  6. Gabriel (286)
  7. Elias (281) 
  8. Leo (256)
  9. Louis (251)
  10. Leano (242)

Like last year, Noah and Liam were also in the top two in German-speaking areas, while Leon took third. West of the Röstigraben, Noah was followed by Gabriel and Liam, while Leanardo, Liam and Alessandro made up the top three in Ticino. Jan, Mauro and Andrin rounded out the podium in the Romansh-speaking region.  

Over 82.000 babies born in Switzerland in 2022

The FSO noted that 82.371 babies were born in Switzerland last year, with families choosing from hundreds of different names with origins in the alpine nation and further afield. Want to see how common your favourite baby name is in Switzerland? Then check out the FSO website.

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