Military lingerie: Swiss army to change women soldiers' underwear

Military lingerie: Swiss army to change women soldiers' underwear

The Swiss Army is happy to report that an in-depth study into women’s underwear for the military has been concluded, and has discovered the need for several important modifications.

Study designed to modify underwear for female soldiers in Switzerland

The military report was examining the specifications and needs for women’s underwear in “combat situations.” Despite women being exempt from national service, many still choose to volunteer, and so military chiefs commissioned the new study to make sure that women volunteers were adequately supported with the right equipment.

The study was originally announced in the spring to much humour among the international media. “Military lingerie” were the headlines as the story made news on the BBC, CNN, The Guardian and Der Spiegel. Over 200 troops took part in the military trials, where a military spokesperson was forced to clarify, "It's not an April Fool's joke, it's a very serious matter."

Minor changes made to Swiss army underwear

As the world laughed, the military began to make new discoveries about the undergarments of its soldiers. They found that both the summer and winter versions needed to be adjusted for both sexes, notably the position of the leg cutouts and the width of the garment in general. They also installed various "quality of life improvements" to the underwear to make them more comfortable.

Federal Councillor Viola Amherd hailed the study for its forward-thinking nature and for the military’s commitment to encouraging women to join. The Defence Minister has now commissioned a full external study on women in the military, hoping to identify the “specific needs of women in the army.” It is hoped that the same process that was applied to underwear will now be applied to all the equipment the military uses.

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