7 best cities in Europe for a summer getaway

7 best cities in Europe for a summer getaway

Summer is the perfect time to get exploring Europe! With so many amazing destinations just begging for a visit, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few European cities that are perfect for a summer getaway, with a plethora of attractions, great food, and rich culture. 

The cities to go in Europe for the summer 

There are so many fantastic cities to visit in Europe this summer, but here are just some of the ones we would recommend. 

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its stunning tulips in the springtime, but the summers in Amsterdam must not be forgotten. With a wide selection of day-long festivals, stunning architecture, hoards of museums, endless canals, and limitless food options, Amsterdam is a perfect place to visit for an unforgettable summer vacation - rent a bicycle to explore the city like the locals, or take to the water for an unforgettable tour!

Summer in Amsterdam

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Visiting Istanbul in the summer is the perfect time to enjoy the shores of the Bosphorus River, the Black Sea, or the Marmara. Museums, mosques, and monuments in the city have longer opening times in the summer, giving you plenty of time to explore. You could even rent a boat and discover small, hidden coves or enjoy a scrumptious meal at one of the many restaurants that are only accessible from the water

Summer in Istanbul

3. Florence, Italy

Do it like the Italians! Summer in Florence is hot but packed with festivals and splendid goings-on. High up on your list of activities should be a visit to The Duomo, which is also known at the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the largest masonry dome in the entire world. You can also attend the Maggio Musicale, known as Italy’s most popular opera and one of the best Florence summer festivals. Soak up some art at the Uffizi, Italy's richest art gallery, and then wind down with a cooling slurp on some delicious gelato!

Summer in Florence

4. Lausanne, Switzerland

If you are in the market for stunning lakes, imposing mountains and winding streets, look no further than the charming city of Lausanne. The capital of Canton Vaud is less than an hour away from Geneva Airport by public transport and is the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding countryside. Within the city itself, you can visit a number of top museums like the famous Olympic Museum, stroll through the French-style avenues and boulevards, or take a boat ride on Lake Geneva from Ouchy - Lausanne's own port. Staying in Lausanne also gives you short travel times to Vevey, the old home of Charlie Chaplin, Montreux, the site of the famous Jazz Festival, and the magnificent Swiss castle of Chillon.

visit Lausanne

5. Barcelona, Spain

Explore one of the most beautiful cities in Europe at its peak in the summertime. Packed with gorgeous beaches that are great for a refreshing dip, along with amazing beach front restaurants, Barcelona is still a firm favourite among Europhiles. You can partake in some of the musical festivals that crowd Barcelona's streets in the summertime, or, if you're in the mood for something a little more tranquil, the Montujuic Gardens are perfect for you.

Summer in Barcelona

6. Cologne, Germany

Cologne is absolutely bustling in summer as visitors flock to the city to enjoy its parks, pretty old town, and excellent local beer - Kölsch. The Cologne Cathedral, a wonder of Gothic architecture, is worth the visit in its own right. In the summer, there are many festivals that fill the streets of Cologne, turning the 2.000-year-old city into pop culture heaven. For those who want to relax on the water, there are many beautiful boat trips and cruises down the Rhine River that offer views of the city from a completely different perspective. There is also a fabulous fireworks show in mid-July, which lights up the beautiful city’s sky every year.

Summer in Cologne

7. Rhodes, Greece

Vacation at the largest island out of the Dodecanese islands. Famous for its beach resorts, clear blue skies, and stunning ancient ruins, Rhodes is a dream to visit in the summer. Visit the Grand Masters Palace, a magnificent masterpiece of the St John Crusaders, to learn about how medieval knights lived, and visit ancient houses to feel like you’ve travelled back in time. If you are a lover of nature, make sure to visit the Valley of the Butterfly, which is a lush, green canyon with trees called the zities trees, whose nectar attracts a certain species of butterflies.

Summer in Rhodes

Visit these alluring European cities in the summer

There is an abundance of places to visit in Europe in the summertime, including this list, and more! Discover all the hidden gems of Europe in the season of summer that make for a extraordinary vacation.

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