6 of the most beautiful palaces in Switzerland

6 of the most beautiful palaces in Switzerland

Alongside its stunning lakes and mountains, Switzerland is known for being home to some spectacular castles - but there are also many stunning palaces that shouldn't be overlooked. Whether you are planning your summer holiday or a day off to enjoy the weather, these palaces are great to visit.

Some of the best palaces to see in Switzerland

There are a plethora of incredible palaces to discover in Switzerland, but here are a few that we would suggest checking out.

1. Stockalper Palace, Brig

One of the most unique palaces in Switzerland is the Stockalper Palace in Brig-Glis. The distinctive shape of the towers gives the palace a very complex look. The palace was built in the 17th century by Kaspar Stockalper, who was a wealthy Swiss politician and entrepreneur.

The three unique towers of the palace are called the “Three Kings” or “The Wise Men of The Bible”. Today, visitors can go to the cellars, arcades, the halls of the palace, the rose bush gardens, and view the impressive artworks that are housed in the palace.

2. Palais de Rumine, Lausanne

The Palais de Rumine is a 19th-century palace that was made in a Florentine Renaissance style in the gorgeous city of Lausanne. The original purpose of the building was to commemorate the centenary of the founding of Canton Vaud in the 1930s.

Today, however, the public building serves a different purpose and is used as the library for the University of Lausanne, as well as the Museum of Archaeology and History, Zoology and Geology Museum, and much more. It is open to the public every day except Monday, allowing you to wander around soaking up the history, and seeing some of the museum's exhibits as well! 

3. Palace of Nations, Geneva

The Palace of Nations is the famous home of the United Nations in Geneva. It was built between 1929 and 1938 to serve as the headquarters for the League of Nations - the predecessor of the modern UN. Nowadays you can explore this architectural wonder, or just gaze upon it from afar while having a relaxing picnic in the peaceful Ariana park.

The palace is open to the public via guided tours where visitors can learn about the UN's work in Geneva and its activities to maintain world peace and foster international relations and development, as well as the fascinating history of the palace. 

4. L’Isle Palace, L’Isle

Experience Versailles in a smaller form at the L’Isle Palace in the Swiss canton of Vaud. The charming palace was made by Charles de Chandieu in 1696, who was an officer in the French army, and he designed this palace in a traditional French style.

De Chandieu inhabited this residence until the late 18th century, and then it was passed on to Cornaz de Monet Cudrefin through marriage. The building was bought by the municipality of L’Isle, and it has been restored into office spaces, apartments and classrooms.

5. Castelmur Palace, Bregaglia

Castelmur Palace stands in the village of Stampa, which is in the municipality of Bregaglia in Canton Graubünden. The building bears a range of architectural styles, including Gothic Venetian influences, and the influences of both Milanese craftsmen, and modern-day Europe. Walk through the opulent rooms and admire art, history and architecture.

Visitors can pop into the exhibits about the Grisons pastry makers, before trying some in the café! The palace also features many exclusive exhibitions or concerts that are open to visitors. 

6. Château de Grandson, Grandson

This medieval palace in Switzerland is every history fan’s dream. Book a guided tour to take you through the wondrous interiors of the palace and revel in a history stretching back almost a thousand years. The towers contain some of the best views of Lake Neuchâtel, and the fortress is a splendid example of classic 13th-century European architecture.

The château can also be rented to celebrate a special birthday or wedding, and there are exclusive workshops and treasure hunts that are perfect for families with children.

Pay a visit to one of these palaces

There’s no scarcity of brilliant palaces to see all around Switzerland, so make sure to check them out! If you've got any to add to our list, let us know in the comments below!

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