Gruyères Christmas Market

Gruyères Christmas Market

Dec 08, 2023Dec 17, 2023
(December 8-10 and December 15-17)
Canton Fribourg, Gruyeres

Gruyères Christmas Market (Marché Noël Gruyères) has a reputation as being one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Canton Fribourg in western Switzerland. Get ready for strolling around the decorated wooden chalets selling locally produced crafts, Christmas decorations and toys for children.

Festive market in Gruyères

It takes place in the well-preserved medieval town at the foot of the Pre-Alps, against a backdrop of striking buildings that seem to be unaffected by the passing of the centuries! During the festive market, the town comes alive with endearing Christmas lights and as a result, the ambience is unmissable.

Spending a winter’s day out strolling and browsing at Christmas stalls in the lead-up to the holidays is bound to help you work up an appetite and that’s why the food stalls are such a vital part of the market. Treat yourself to something delicious such as pancakes, Glühwein, or local Swiss specialities like delicious locally sourced Swiss raclette or bratwurst.

Don’t forget to eat some Gruyère cheese, which, of course, is what this town is named after! Gruyères has always been a rural town that made a name for itself for the production and trading of cheese. Top-level markets are the norm in the town, so no it's wonder its yearly Christmas Market has such a great reputation.

Gruyères Switzerland

Unmissable historical sites in Gruyères

While in Gruyères, make time for some sightseeing. Gruyères is noted for its castles - Gruyères Castle, Saint-Germain Castle - and the town's fortifications. Not only that, but the entire old town of Gruyères, along with the Ancien Couvent La Part Dieu, is listed on the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

Some additional buildings have been declared historical sites of national significance, namely Grange du Laviau, the house at Rue du Bourg 7, the house at Rue du Bourg 39 and Maison de Chalamala at Rue du Bourg 47. So, plan your trip and enjoy the combination of Christmas festivities and history!

Attending Gruyères Christmas Market

Unlike many Christmas markets that take place daily for about four weeks, Gruyères Christmas Market takes place over two different weekends in December (December 8-10 and December 15-17) so mark your calendars and plan your visit while you can! Check out the Gruyères Christmas Market information page to stay up to date.