Taxis in Switzerland

Taxis in Switzerland

Despite there being great transport networks in Switzerland, many people still choose to take a taxi. Taxis are a quick and direct way to get to where you want to go, instead of driving or taking public transport. It is generally a more expensive option - and can even be slower - but could be a viable alternative if your destination is remote or you have a lot of baggage.

Taxi cars in Switzerland

Taxi drivers in Switzerland are allowed to drive any road vehicle under licence as a taxi. This means that there is no set colour to a taxi, although some companies choose a car colour for convenience. You will be able to identify a taxi by the yellow or white banner on top of the car, or by finding cars parked in taxi ranks.

Cost of taxis in Switzerland

In Switzerland, taxis charge you in a number of ways. This relates to the distance covered, journey time and the number of passengers. Taxi rates are determined by the taxi company, meaning that there are different rates in each county (canton).

The costs for each service is different, but a general calculation for a taxi would be:

  • Taxi basic charge: 6-15 Swiss francs
  • Driving cost: 3,5-6 Swiss francs per kilometre
  • 60-80 Swiss francs per hour of waiting time

Airport taxis

Airport taxis are the most convenient way to leave an airport in Switzerland. Most commercial airports will have taxis available at all times of day while flights are still running. There will also be signs to guide you to the official taxi rank. However, please bear in mind that due to the increased cost of airport parking and the distances involved, you should expect airport taxis to be more expensive than regular cabs.

Uber & Taxi apps in Switzerland

Uber and other riding apps are increasingly popular in Switzerland due to their low fares and convenience. The service is legal in all cantons, but the majority of Uber drivers operate in the cities of Switzerland. Be sure to confirm your driver's details and the identity of the vehicle before entering.

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