Most popular apprenticeships in Switzerland revealed

Most popular apprenticeships in Switzerland revealed

A new report by Yousty has revealed the most popular apprenticeships in Switzerland for the 2022 / 23 study year. An estimated 45 percent of graduates from Swiss primary and secondary schools choose to pursue an apprenticeship, with business, tech and sales positions dominating the top of the ranking.

45 percent of Swiss school graduates took apprenticeships

According to the study, in the summer of 2022, 45 percent of school graduates in Switzerland chose to pursue an apprenticeship. Unlike other more university-centred education systems, pursuing an apprenticeship remains a popular choice in Switzerland, as workers are able to earn a salary while they learn. What’s more, many still end up pursuing a degree from a university or institute of higher education once they graduate.

By evaluating 3,6 million apprenticeship searches between August 2021 and April 2022, the Yousty ranking found that "sales representative" was the most popular job to pursue. A spokesperson from the apprenticeship application platform told 20 Minuten that the reason for its popularity was that there “are many apprenticeships in this area, and because the job profile is generally very well known." 

As a job that is in high demand in Switzerland, it’s perhaps no surprise that computer scientists ranked second. Other more specialised roles like retail specialists and medical assistants rounded out the top four.

When compared to previous years, jobs like logistician and healthcare professional have slipped down the ranking. Yousty explained that this is mainly because the roles are not in as high demand when compared to the staff shortages seen in 2021.

Most popular apprenticeships in Switzerland

In all, here are the 10 most popular apprenticeships in Switzerland for the 2022 / 23 study year:

  1. Salesperson
  2. Computer scientist
  3. Retail specialist
  4. Medical practice assistant
  5. Draftsperson
  6. Care specialist
  7. Logistician
  8. Healthcare professional
  9. Mediamatician (web design, sales, project management, etc)
  10. Specialists at a pharmacy 

For more information and how the ranking was calculated, check out the official study.

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StefanieBusseDi... 14:45 | 19 May 2023

Good article. It is worth noting that aprenticeship formats differ significantly in Switzerland, depending on whether students live in the German or the French part. Whereas in the former, apprenticeships tend to be in-company, on-the-job training schemes, in Romandie, there are not only significantly less students opting for apprenticeships, but these also tend to be school, rather than company-based. Stefanie Busse Swiss Education Consulting