Microcredentials: University of Geneva offers week-long diploma courses

Microcredentials: University of Geneva offers week-long diploma courses

It’s an old adage that even after you graduate school and university, you never stop learning. Now, the University of Geneva has truly taken that sentiment to heart by offering “microcredentials” that help boost CVs in record time. The idea already proving a hit with employers.

Swiss university offers short diploma courses

As of the start of this summer, the University of Geneva offer so-called "microcredentials", the first place to offer such courses in Switzerland. The programmes usually last a few days alongside around 40 hours of home learning. Unlike other short training schemes, the completion of a microcredential course gives graduates an official, recognised diploma or certificate of aptitude, and the course itself can even count as course credits for people studying in Switzerland and in Europe.

The system is primarily designed for individuals who already have jobs, but wish to specialise further in a specific field or completely change their specialisation. Currently, only courses in IT are offered, but the university said it will be launching mini qualifications in healthcare and education soon. The cost? Between 1.100 and 2.800 Swiss francs per person.

Speaking to 20 Minuten, director of the Centre for Continuing and Distance Training Sophie Huber said that the courses offer “additional knowledge and specialisation”, adding that the University of Geneva is ideally placed to offer such courses because of its high quality of teaching. “This new system will serve the interests of both candidates and their employers,” she noted.

Microcredentials well received by employers

The idea has also gone down well with both employer and employee associations. Frank Sobczak, training director at the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes Genève, said the qualification will set the “standards of quality” for other training courses offered across Switzerland.

Raoul Diez, a member of management at the Swiss Information Security Association, also approved of the idea, telling 20 Minuten that a certification from a “world-renowned university brings obvious added value” for both workers and the people who employ them.

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