Which jobs in Switzerland are in highest demand?

Which jobs in Switzerland are in highest demand?

A new study by labour market firm x28AG has revealed the jobs in Switzerland that are in the highest demand. The company found that, much like in previous months, there were around a quarter of a million roles vacant in Switzerland in mid-December.

Quarter of a million jobs available in Switzerland

According to 20 Minuten, the number of vacancies available in Switzerland has increased by 45,7 percent between 2020 and 2022, something the newspaper blames on the skills shortages brought about by the end of the COVID pandemic. The paper found that workers in manual trades are the most sought-after, along with certain specialists in healthcare and logistics.

x28AG found that, as of December 15, of the 253.000 vacancies in Switzerland, the role in the highest demand was “nursing specialist”. 7.000 positions need to be filled in hospitals across Switzerland, and healthcare providers are prepared to pay an average of 79.211 francs a year to anyone that wants to join the profession.

Project managers the highest-paid, highest-demand role

Electricians were the second most sought-after, with 5.800 positions open with an average salary of 65.531 francs a year. Sales advisors (3.500 roles), carpenters (3.500) and software developers (3.200) rounded out the top five.

For those looking to earn a pretty penny, the highest-paid job that is also in high demand was "project manager". According to 20 Minuten, around 3.200 managers are needed, with international companies and domestic businesses looking to pay an average of 97.508 francs a year to anyone that can fill the role. 

10 jobs in highest demand in Switzerland

Here are the 10 jobs in Switzerland that are needed most as of December 2022:

  • 1. Nursing specialist (7.000)
  • 2. Electrician (5.800)
  • =3. Sales advisor (3.500)
  • =3. Carpenter (3.500)
  • =5. Software developer (3.200)
  • =5. Project manager (3.200)
  • 7. Retail specialist (3.100)
  • 8. Polymechanic (3.000)
  • 9. Logistician (2.650)
  • 10. Nursing assistant (2.500)

20 Minuten concluded that around 70.000 job vacancies come from just 25 professions. However, with slower growth predicted in Switzerland, and the threat of a global recession, this phenomenon may not be around for long.

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