Software Engineer - Network Nervous System [135’000 - 145’000 CHF]

IT & Technology

Salary 135’000 - 145’000 CHF per year
Requirements:- > Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field

> 6+ years of industry experience as a software engineer working on large scale/distributed systems

> A skilled programmer with a deep understanding of at least one systems software language like C, C++, or Rust.  Our distributed systems components are written in Rust and we’re committed to training if that’s a skill set you’re looking to build.

> Experience building large-scale distributed systems - bonus if they are public-facing.

> Experience operating large-scale distributed systems, especially in fault/threat detection and mitigation.

> Experience building governance and operations tools for large scale distributed systems

Responsibilities:- > Implement secure, decentralized governance systems to manage the Internet Computer

> Collaborate with other development and research teams in providing decentralized governance for various components of the Internet Computer and building proofs of the security of the system

> Contribute to the token system that will power the Internet Computer.

> Help design endpoints that will allow for efficient operation of the Internet Computer.

> Embed the NNS with intelligence, enabling it to automate smart decisions like evicting malicious nodes or coordinate automated responses to DOS attacks.

> Build a system for autonomous programs to be able to run on the Internet Computer, powering decentralized autonomous apps with token-based governance.

Technologies:- Blockchain
- C
- Network
- Rust
- Security
More: The Internet Computer is the fastest and only infinitely scalable general-purpose blockchain — incubated and launched by the DFINITY Foundation in May 2021. A team of over 200 world-rened cryptographers, distributed systems engineers, and programming language experts have taken on the massive technological challenge of building, maintaining, and continuously improving a ‘world computer’ powerful enough to host Web3 dapps, DeFi, games, NFTs, social media, and metaverse projects.

DFINITY was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur and crypto theoretician, Dominic Williams, and attracted interest and financial contributions from early members of the Ethereum community. Later, top-tier institutions such as Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, and SV Angel backed the Internet Computer in a collective effort to help build out Web3.

We’re seeking a Distributed Systems Implementation and Operation expert, responsible for working on the Network Nervous System (NNS) - The Brain of the Internet Computer. This will be a key role, in building the intelligent, decentralized and autonomous system that controls the Internet Computer. 


Stockerstrasse 47, Zürich