Co-Founder and CTO [10’000 - 10’000 CHF]

IT & Technology

Salary 10’000 - 10’000 CHF per year
Requirements:- - Significant early-stage startup experience
- Significant experience in developing web applications
- Required: Excellent kledge of node.js, typescript, react and git
- Strong willingness to acquire new skills (new technologies, manager skills, productivity skills...)
- Pro-active and constructive mindset, ambitious, efficient, demanding and hard-working
- Remote work possible in the first months, but willingness to relocate to Zurich, Switzerland after the funding round

Responsibilities:- As a Co-Founder and CTO, your role will include the following at the very beginning:
- Get familiar with the platform as of today (ex: front-end, back-end, deployment pipeline on AWS)
- Update the platform from users’ and potential clients’ feedback, which the CEO will report to you, to improve product-market fit
- Provide technical support to clients when needed and automate the support as much as possible
- Automate the sales operations process (measurement, billing, client acquisition, etc.)
- Be pro-active in bringing new ideas and execute them

Co-Founder and CEO:

Super Advisor (working part-time on the startup):

Technologies:- NodeJS
- React
- TypeScript
- Git
- GraphQL
- Apollo
- Material UI
More: I am looking for a Co-Founder and CTO to build the Stripe of the Construction Industry with me.

It is getting harder and harder to do everything myself (web app development, devOps, product, client support, sales, etc.) and raising money as a solo-founder is allegedly very difficult.

The MVP is fully operational and in production with first clients. The market is big and untapped. We are serving clients in France first.

Your perks
- A big chunk of a promising startup's equity
- The fun and challenge to build a startup from the ground up
- Very reduced risks for a co-founder role: The MVP is operational and we have validated the market with first clients as well as with a promising sales pipeline. You will very likely get a salary before end of 2022 after the funding round planned after the summer break
- A tech-savvy Co-Founder and CEO, who has coded the entire platform and wants to stay close to understand the ins and outs of the product
- No official commitment needed right away – Let’s first see how we work together and how you like the project and let’s nail the details before / during the funding round
- Zurich and Switzerland are ranked as one of the best places to live in the world, with a beautiful lake and the Alps nearby
- Advices and help on how to relocate to Zurich

A link to get a glimpse of the platform:


TBD, Zurich