KYC specialist ( Junior) temporary contract ( 6 months )


Offered by:

Novatek Gas & Power GmbH

Creative / Design

1) Ensure and promote compliance with applicable laws/regulations and international trade sanctions within NOVATEK Group, including but not limited to:

  • Raise awareness of key legal/compliance/trade sanction issues within NOVATEK Group,
  • ldentify and propose solutions to mitigate legal/compliance risks, in particular, including but not limited to Anti Money Laundering (AML), K Your Customer (KYC), Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) etc.
  • Participate, set up and maintain a network of third service providers to enable the Group to receive external Enhanced Due-Diligence reports for the sake of higher risk Counterparties,
  • Follow-up of changes in applicable laws/regulations relating to KYC and international trade sanctions
  • Create and maintain appropriate compliance procedures, policies and registers.

2) Overall compliance coverage:

  • Working with the wider Team and other departments to implement compliance policies and procedures for NOVATEK Group and different offices (in particular AML/KYC, Counterparties Vetting, Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality (GEH) etc.),
  • Participate and advise in respect to other compliance matters,

3) Conduct in depth impact assessment of regulations meant to govern Commodities trading in the near future (such as AML, Sanctions etc.). 4) Provide compliance assistance to other support functions of NOVATEK Group, including but not limited to:

  • Treasury
  • Front Office
  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Human Resources and lT
  • Projects and Business development

5) Participate to various tasks and projects involving Compliance, including but not limited to:

  • Compliance assessments of NOVATEK Group of companies and offices;
  • Recourse to external lawyers or business intelligence firms where deemed relevant by Legal and Compliance Manager/Head of Risk;
  • Ad hoc reporting to Top Management, external auditors and other NOVATEK Group of companies;
  • Support in maintaining Compliance Awareness (training) Program within NOVATEK Group;
  • Ensuring that all NOVATEK  necessary approvals have been obtained and applicable procedures followed in relation with the above responsibilities. 

6) Perform other tasks assigned/allocated by Legal and Compliance Manager and/or Head of RiskExperience

  • Trade sanctions (experience in the commodities trading industry and/ or the trade finance/ bank industry);
  • K your Customer/ Due Diligence (experience in the commodities industry and/or the trade finance/ bank industry);
  • Control Room experience (i.e. GEH and relevant compliance related policies)
  • Other Compliance related experience would be beneficial


  • od kledge in compliance related matters handled by a Commodities trading house (trade sanctions, AML/KYC, CTF, GEH etc.). 
  • od understanding of physical trading business is an asset (including, but not limited to shipping

Key Behaviours & Skills

  • Capacity to work under pressure and able to prioritise tasks and urgent issue independently.
  • Ability to be persuasive and relentless in reinforcing the best interests of the company;
  • Strong integrity and personality;
  • Strong organizational skills and time management;
  • Accurate, strong attention to details, conscientious;

Excellent communication skills (oral & written) particularly when it comes to discussing legal/ compliance matters with in-house stakeholders and counterparties Education

  • Degree in Business Law/ International Trade Law, Compliance Law or other similar subject preferable.


  • Excellent English communication skills 

[email protected]Please apply in English