Zurich tax office seeks employees who don’t like pineapple on pizza

Zurich tax office seeks employees who don’t like pineapple on pizza

A curious advertisement for a job in Switzerland has emerged on the government website of Canton Zurich. While workers in tax offices are not usually seen as charismatic mavericks, the job ad hopes to appeal to an employee with a good sense of humour, and someone who is prepared to endure ridicule if they like pineapple on pizza.

Pineapple on pizza and tattoo used in Swiss job advert

The tax office of the canton is looking for two securities auditors - employees who check tax returns to see whether all the information is correct, before issuing a tax bill. The ad says it wants to find someone who approaches everyday life with humour and that they should complement the “motley bunch” already in the team.

“People who evade taxes are not wanted. Even people who eat pizza with pineapple would not have it easy,” the ad says. Those who are interested should apply to the two team leaders on the page, one of whom, Stéphanie Heinzelmann, proudly shows off her tattoo with the caption, "You didn't expect that, did you?"

Tax office job advert gives the department a new look

In a statement, the cantonal tax office said the advertisement hoped to inject “fresh language” into a job listing that has been open for a long time, despite a competitive salary and good working hours. They said the manager’s tattoo was meant to show that people from very different backgrounds are suitable for the role, so long as they are qualified and reliable.

HR expert Jörg Buckmann said the advertisement “straightened out the conservative image of the tax office,” which 20 minuten described as being staffed by “Bünzlis.” Matthias Mölleney, from peopleXpert, said that a diversity of employees is good for the climate of the office, noting, “If the employees are too similar, it becomes monotonous. It needs a colourful mix.” He concluded that interesting job ads like these are the ones that reach the most interesting people.

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