You don't want to grow old here: Job ad tells people to ditch Berlin for Zurich

You don't want to grow old here: Job ad tells people to ditch Berlin for Zurich

As a place known for its good quality of life and high salaries, many people around the world have thought about relocating to Switzerland from abroad. Now, with the skills shortage in Switzerland worse than ever, a local business has started its own cheeky recruitment campaign in Berlin, asking residents to ditch the city for Zurich while mocking the German capital in the process.

Berliners encouraged to ditch unhealthy city for Switzerland

The campaign itself is designed to advertise graphic artist, designer and other creative jobs in Switzerland and Zurich. The ad banner, created by Zurich agency Wirz, says “nothing against Berlin: But you don't seriously want to grow old here?" The banner itself was driven around the city for several days, including a stop right in front of one of the largest ad agencies in Berlin.

On the business's website - jokingly called - it says that “if you feel like jumping into a crystal-clear lake instead of catching a rare skin disease in the Spree... then we should definitely get in touch." To help seal the deal, the ad also notes that people in Switzerland are among the happiest in the world and that three of the most liveable cities in the world are in the alpine nation

It is safe to say that the cheeky advert hasn’t gone down well with some Berliners, with one user on LinkedIn commenting, “Nothing against Zurich. But what is supposed to be "cheeky" comes across as arrogant." Others also said that criticising Berlin as an unhealthy, hyper-expensive bohemian wasteland was not very original.

Berlin ad campaign based off personal experience, says creator

In response, Wirz creative director Caspar Heuss told 20 Minuten that the ad was based on his personal experience of Berlin after living in the city for 10 years. "It's wonderful when you're young. But at some point, you get too old for the whole circus," he noted. He concluded that the advertising campaign was already a success as it had already produced 25 applications.

Marketing expert Felix Murbach also praised the project, arguing that good advertising is polarising, daring and ultimately a bit cheeky. He said that it was unlikely that the advert would offend the residents of the German city as "after all, most people know that Berlin is a very beautiful city and that the statement should be understood with a wink."

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