Relocation services & companies in Switzerland

Relocation services & companies in Switzerland

Relocating to Switzerland and looking for a reliable expat-friendly service to assist you with a smooth transition? Looking for corporate relocation help for your international employees?

For a number of services such as immigration and labour consulting and training, housing and property management, spousal assistance and school search, vehicle import and overseas shipping, and a wide range of departure and destination services, check out the companies below that offer high-quality relocation services for expats and international focused companies.

  • Crown Relocations has been helping people move internationally for over fifty six years. With our experience and expertise we can make sure your own relocation runs smoothly. Contact us for a free quote now.

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  • The Helpful Company

    We accompany you through the processes of relocating, by providing on-going support and consultations that offer you with the relevant tools and knowledge to help make the right personal decisions.

  • Plan Your Move

    PlanYourMove saves you time by centralising all your tasks, suggesting top quality partners, providing you with standard letters and handy, comprehensive checklists, answers your questions, has tips and tricks, and even offers discounts.