Which jobs in Switzerland are in highest demand in 2024?

Which jobs in Switzerland are in highest demand in 2024?

The latest Jobradar report from x28 has revealed which jobs in Switzerland are in the highest demand as of the start of 2024. Experts noted that a number of different sectors of the Swiss economy have over 10.000 vacancies available, with new staff in healthcare and construction especially hard to come by.

Quarter of a million jobs available in Switzerland in 2024

In the report, x28 noted that firms in many parts of the Swiss economy continue to suffer from a lack of workers. They found that as of mid-December 2023, there were 251.459 separate listings for jobs in Switzerland, meaning the country needs a population bigger than Geneva to fill all the vacant roles.

Shortages are especially acute in the largest Swiss cantons, with 57.067 vacancies recorded in Zurich, 41.244 in Bern and 20.132 in Aargau. Even comparatively small cantons like Zug and Schwyz found themselves with worker shortages, with 7.349 and 4.238 vacancies recorded respectively.

This adds to a report from the University of St. Gallen back in September 2023, which found that the worker shortage in Switzerland is “at its highest level” ever due to an increasing number of staff choosing to retire at a time when demand for new workers is increasing. “The skills shortage is perhaps the most important challenge in the Swiss labour market today,” they wrote.

Healthcare and construction workers in highest demand

As of the start of 2024, healthcare workers are in the highest demand in Switzerland. x28 found 15.790 vacant positions for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals across Swiss cities and cantons. 

Construction took second place with 13.566 open positions to be filled, followed by retail (12.761), hospitality (10.478) and IT (8.024). In terms of individual employers, Swiss supermarket and cooperative Coop was found to be the firm with the largest number of vacancies, followed by OTTO’s and Manor.

In terms of specific roles, nurses are the most sought-after. 6.395 job listings for nursing and care staff were found by x28.

10 jobs in highest demand in Switzerland

In all, here are the jobs in the highest demand in Switzerland at the start of 2024:

  1. Nursing professional (6.395)
  2. Electrician (6.337)
  3. Sales assistant (4.056)
  4. Carpenter (3.377)
  5. Project manager (3.256)
  6. Software developer (3.187)
  7. Polymechanic (3.128)
  8. Healthcare specialist (2.625)
  9. Service technician (2.606)
  10. Commercial clerk (2.559)

For more information about the Jobradar, check out the x28 website.

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