Switzerland’s health workers want better working conditions

Switzerland’s health workers want better working conditions

Research undertaken by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences has found that workers in Switzerland’s healthcare system are unhappy with working conditions. A referendum on the issue will take place next month. 

Healthcare workers in Switzerland call for better working conditions

The study, which interviewed more than 600 people who had completed nursing college in 2012, found that 90 percent of those surveyed intended to stay in their job, but only if working conditions improve. Many of the respondents also stated that they feel their salary is too low, in line with the results of several other surveys on the matter. 

A referendum will take place across Switzerland on November 28 in an attempt to secure more funding for the nursing sector. However, the initiative has not received the support of the Swiss government, which has instead pledged 1 billion Swiss francs over the next eight years, with the intention to offer more education and training programmes to address the shortage of nurses. 

Switzerland’s nursing crisis highlighted by COVID-19 pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Switzerland highlighted the country’s need for more healthcare workers, especially nurses. Since March 2020, many nurses have suffered from stress, following a prolonged period of extended working hours, understaffing and emotional exhaustion.

Many nurses are angry that despite people applauding from their balconies as a sign of appreciation for their work during the pandemic, they are still paid poorly. Nurses across the country have expressed their support for next month’s upcoming referendum, saying that the government needs to employ more nurses and needs to make the profession “respected”, by paying staff more. 



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