Job vacancies in Switzerland bounce back to pre-pandemic levels

Job vacancies in Switzerland bounce back to pre-pandemic levels

New data released by human resources provider, The Adecco Group, has shown the number of job vacancies in Switzerland in the third quarter of 2021 has reached pre-pandemic levels, providing a large number of options for businesses and people looking for a job.

Job vacancies in Switzerland back to pre-pandemic levels

Current data reveals that the number of job advertisements in Switzerland rose by 9 percent in the third quarter of 2021, a 28 percent increase compared with the same period in 2020. The biggest bounce-back was for jobs in hospitality, catering and hotels, industries which saw significant numbers of workers lose their jobs due to COVID lockdowns and subsequent restrictions.

"The companies are continuing the positive trend in their search for personnel," said Dr. Anna von Ow, member of the Swiss Job Market Monitor Team at the University of Zurich. She said the sector had already started to see a “revival” earlier this year, alongside an increase in hotel stays. Data from The Adecco Group showed that employees and entrepreneurs who work in areas related to hospitality were hit the hardest in 2020, but the sector also saw the biggest fightback.

Hospitality industry in Switzerland struggling to re-recruit workers

Although jobs in hotels have not reached their pre-pandemic peak in 2019, it is hoped the winter season will coax foreign tourists to visit Switzerland’s mountains and historical sites. Von Ow said the bounce back for hotels “will likely take some time yet” to return to pre-pandemic levels, but The Adecco Group statistics are encouraging.

According to Monica Dell‘Anna, SVP and Country Head of The Adecco Group in Switzerland, one of the main challenges the industry faces is a struggle to recruit new employees. She said in a statement that many workers had found jobs in other industries and will have “significantly higher expectations,” regarding working hours, location and salary

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