Wintery conditions forecast to return to Swiss cities from Sunday

Wintery conditions forecast to return to Swiss cities from Sunday

After being hit with hurricane-strength winds, thanks to storm Henk, and enduring extremely spring-like temperatures in recent weeks, the weather in Switzerland is finally expected to resemble winter again at lower altitudes. Sunny but chilly conditions are forecast to set in by the beginning of next week.

Weather in Switzerland remains changeable

It’s safe to say that the past few days have been a warm and blustery affair, with the remains of storm Henk bringing mild temperatures and strong winds to Swiss cities and cantons. On December 3, wind speeds of 140 kilometres an hour were measured in the mountains, with speeds of 100 km / h reported in parts of the Mittelland. Winds remained strong on December 4 as the remainder of the stormy conditions passed overhead.

Friday will see the return of the foehn, with the warm winds set to cover the whole country. The snow line is expected to rise to 1.400 metres, while wet conditions are forecast in the west of Switzerland. Central and eastern areas are set to remain dry until the weekend - a welcome departure from conditions in December, described by MeteoNews as being far too wet and mild for the time of year.

Proper wintery conditions in Swiss cities from Sunday

The weekend will see yet another change in the weather, with cold and wet conditions dominating. Temperatures will remain around freezing, with rain and snow expected across the country. The foehn’s chilly cousin the bise will also arrive on the scene from Sunday, forcing temperatures down and allowing the snowline to plummet to between 600 to 500 metres above sea level. Only small amounts of snowfall are possible in Swiss cities.

By Monday, proper winter conditions are expected to finally return to Switzerland, with a series of sunny, sub-zero temperature days forecast between December 8 and 10. Be sure to wrap up warm!

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