Winter makes a comeback as freezing temperatures forecast for this weekend

Winter makes a comeback as freezing temperatures forecast for this weekend

After weeks of nice warm weather, people in Switzerland may have to wait a little longer for spring to truly take hold. From 20 degree highs only a few days ago, the weather in Switzerland will become wintry once again this week, with temperatures in some areas set to fall below zero.

Sub-zero temperatures forecast in Switzerland

According to MeteoNews, a strong, cold polar vortex will sweep across the country in the coming days. The forecasters said that the long period of hot, dry conditions is set to end across Swiss cities and the mountains. Instead, the next few days will see the temperature hover between 1 and 10 degrees Celsius during the day - although the strong northerly wind will make it feel much colder!

From Friday, wintry conditions will arrive in Zurich, Lucerne, Basel, Geneva and St. Gallen, with most of the country dropping down to sub-zero temperatures overnight. The snowline is also expected to fall to around 600 metres in some areas, meaning most Swiss ski resorts are set to receive their final dusting of snow before the end of the season.

Much-needed rain set to fall on Swiss farms and forests

The infamous Saharan dust that took over the country on Tuesday is also set to dissipate. The low temperatures will bring continual rain for the next four days, which will turn into sleet and snow overnight in most places.

While this may be bad for sunbathers, it will be sweet relief for Switzerland’s farms and forests, which have seen drought take over much of the country since December. Canton Ticino, the hardest-hit canton, will also get its own share of the rain. 

The wet and cold weather is set to continue until next week, when temperatures will pick up to a more seasonal 10 to 15 degrees. However, the high winds will still make it feel arctic, so don’t pack away your winter jacket just yet!

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