What are Switzerland's favourite songs of 2023?

What are Switzerland's favourite songs of 2023?

Just as certain as the coming of spring is the arrival of Spotify Wrapped on social media accounts worldwide. As is tradition, the steaming service has revealed what tracks wormed their way into the ears of people living in Switzerland, with the country's most popular songs for 2023 being an eclectic mix of old and new.

Flowers by Miley Cyrus is the top song in Switzerland

This year, one song above all others dominated the Spotify list in Switzerland: Flowers by Miley Cyrus. The pop tune about an ex-lover’s acceptance of independence and self-reliance is a far cry from the Nashville star's twee songs of old, but the track certainly resonated with people worldwide, garnering more than 1,6 billion streams on the platform globally.

Second place was quite a surprise, with 77-year-old German jazz-rock crooner Udo Lindenberg taking silver with his song Comet. Produced together with Apache 207, the pop song with a very catchy chorus was one of Switzerland's songs of the summer.

Social media grips Swiss Spotify Wrapped

David Guetta's version of the Eifel 65 track Blue (Da Ba Dee), I'm Good, rounded out the top three in Switzerland. Fourth place was a place for nostalgia for Swiss listeners; Tom Odell’s tear-jerking 2012 hit “Another Love” occupied the spot after coming in sixth in 2022.

Commentators have noted that the prevalence of “access at all times” listening and social media means that older songs and songs played over social media posts can find themselves in the higher echelons nationwide -  Daylight by David Kushner in fifth and Mockingbird by Eminem in sixth are good examples.

10 most streamed songs in Switzerland in 2023

In all, here are the 10 most streamed songs in Switzerland in 2023, according to Spotify:

  1. Flowers, Miley Cyrus
  2. Comet, Udo Lindenberg
  3. I’m Good, David Guetta
  4. Another Love, Tom Odell
  5. Daylight, David Kushner
  6. Mockingbird, Eminem
  7. Creepin’, Metro Boomin
  8. As It Was, Harry Styles
  9. Sprinter, Dave, Central Cee
  10. I Ain’t Worried, OneRepublic

Switzerland tended to prefer the international over local, with none of the top 20 featuring Swiss artists - Juicy by Canton Zurich artist EAZ took 38th. This was previously confirmed by a report by US data firm Luminate in September, which revealed that listeners in the alpine nation tune into more Albanian language songs than Swiss German tracks.

Top artists in Switzerland in 2023

When it comes to the most streamed artists, Swiss listening habits went slightly against the grain, with The Weeknd taking first place over global number one Taylor Swift - quite the feat considering Swifties worldwide streamed Taylor more than 26,1 billion times in 2023. In all, here are the 10 most streamed artists in Switzerland this year:

  1. The Weeknd
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Drake
  4. David Guetta
  5. RAF Camora
  6. Eminem 
  7. Ed Sheeran
  8. Bad Bunny
  9. Bonez MC
  10. Travis Scott

For more information about Spotify Wrapped as a whole, check out the official website.

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