[Video] See the moment frolicking Swiss cows are let out for springtime

[Video] See the moment frolicking Swiss cows are let out for springtime

With the arrival of spring in Switzerland, not only will we see flowers blooming and people preparing for Easter, but the start of warmer temperatures also signals the beginning of the grazing season. To capture the moment, a farmer in Canton Zurich has released a video showing his cows practically jumping for joy after being let out into the field for the first time in 2023.

Swiss cows frolic in field as spring arrives

According to Blick, every year Dominik Bühlmann, a farmer from Maschwanden, films how his 42 cows react to being let out into the wide open fields for the first time each spring. After being cooped up inside since November, to protect them from frigid Swiss weather, the cows can be seen frolicking around as they are let out into the green fields beyond the barn.

Christian Tüscher, a farmer from Canton Bern, also captured the iconic moment when he allowed his cows back out into the field:

As the producers of top Swiss cheese - which can be made into delicious fondue - cows are an integral part of the Swiss landscape and culture, with most farmers making a significant effort - even airlifting them to hospital if they are ill - to ensure they are well cared for. Farmers also like to name their cattle, with the most popular cow names in Switzerland being Bella, Fiona and Bianca.

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