5 great things to do at Easter in Switzerland

5 great things to do at Easter in Switzerland

Easter time is upon us! Along with large amounts of chocolate and a day off, Switzerland has many wonderful things you can do during Easter. Here are five of our favourites.

1. Visit the decorated Easter fountains in Switzerland

From Palm Sunday to Easter Monday, the old towns of Swiss cities will adorn their fountains with spring roses and flowers. Traditionally, the water of the fountain is filled with flower buds that float serenely on the water.

While this is a custom in many Swiss cantons, the best example of it can be found in Switzerland’s own "city of roses", Bischofszell in Canton Thurgau. Between March 23 and April 7, the city offers a walking route that includes 24 specially decorated fountains. The walking route lasts 2,5 hours and takes in the spring flowers alongside the already beautiful old town of Bischofszell.

roses in an easter fountain in zurich, switzerland

2. See the mourning women of Romont

For those in search of a more macabre experience this Easter, look no further than the mourning women of Romont in Canton Fribourg. On Good Friday (March 29) at 3.30pm, the Pleureuses or lamenters emerge from the church dressed in black to commemorate the suffering of Jesus.

The sound and sight of the wailing women are enough to give you goosebumps, so it is not advised to bring children to the event. While it may seem scary at first, their melodic praying and singing as they march through the city is an intriguing sight.

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3. Visit a chocolate factory or museum

Of course, what would Easter be without chocolate? Especially in Switzerland, the gift of chocolate is something that many families cherish at this time of year.

Find out where the famous golden Easter bunnies are made in Lindt's Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg in Canton Zurich or perhaps visit the Chocolarium in Flawill in St. Gallen - the factory where kids get to make their own chocolate designs and find out how the chocolate is made.

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4. Walk the Easter trail in Canton Schwyz

Unique to Switzerland is the “Easter trail” in Altendorf in Canton Schwyz. Between March 16 and April 14, this circular trail is assembled to tell an Easter story perfect for children.

The story is told by walking along the path and discovering the different figures and texts on the route. On Easter Sunday, there is a torchlight walk, and for smaller children, Beni the Rabbit will be happy to meet you on Easter Sunday and Monday.

5. Visit the Easter market in Bremgarten

Finally, why not try one of the many Easter markets due to take place over the weekend? The largest one in Bremgarten in Canton Aargau, has over 400 stalls to browse through, full of artisanal and homemade products for you to try.

Many of these markets have been going for nearly 800 years, selling local products from the area. From alpine cheese to rich local wine, you are bound to find something special in Switzerland’s Easter markets.

Easter market Switzerland

Easter in Switzerland is a time of celebration and renewal

Of course, this only scratches the surface of the many things that you can do in Switzerland at Easter. If there's something specific that you love to do at Easter, let us know in the comments below!

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