Temperatures lower than in the North Pole recorded in Switzerland

Temperatures lower than in the North Pole recorded in Switzerland

After temperatures of -30 degrees celsius were forecast for areas of Switzerland on Monday, the alpine nation braced itself for what was going to be the coldest night of the year so far. Now, according to MeteoNews, a number of areas in Switzerland were colder than the North Pole on the nights of December 11 to 12 and 12 to 13.

Switzerland colder than North Pole because of icy Atlantic air

According to MeteoNews, reported by Blick, a wave of icy air from the Atlantic Ocean is to blame for the frigid temperatures across Swiss cities and cantons during the weekend and on Monday. Forecaster Roger Perret told the newspaper that this air, combined with windless and cloudless skies, forced temperatures even lower.

On the nights of Sunday to Monday and Monday to Tuesday, the mercury dropped as low as -27 degrees in the Ofenpass in Canton Graubünden, and -26,2 degrees in Samedan. This means, in both locations, the weather in Switzerland was colder than at the North Pole!

Coldest temperatures in Swiss ski resorts and towns in the mountains

The chilliest temperatures were felt in Swiss ski resorts and towns in the mountains. Perret said that the most freezing conditions occur when cold air moves down from the mountains and cannot escape through valleys, as is the case in Samedan, where the resort is surrounded by steep mountains.

For those hoping for an end to cold temperatures, you’re in luck. From Wednesday, especially in Swiss cities and the lowlands, temperatures will shoot back up to 6 degrees. The snow will melt and snowfall will turn to rain in most areas, until freezing temperatures return on the weekend.

When will we know if there will be a white Christmas in Switzerland?

For those hoping that Christmas in Switzerland will be snowy, Perret joked that “the answer is in the stars.” He said that it wasn’t possible to make accurate forecasts right now and that families in Switzerland will have to wait until December 15 before forecasters know for certain whether there will be snow during the holidays

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