Taco Bell set to launch in Switzerland, company confirms

Taco Bell set to launch in Switzerland, company confirms

Following the announcement that its famous tacos and burritos would be coming to Germany this summer, Taco Bell has confirmed that it will soon open its doors in Switzerland. The classic fast food brand is the latest in a number of American chains taking the plunge into the Swiss market in recent months.

Taco Bell set to launch in Switzerland for the first time

Speaking to Blick, a spokesperson for IS Holding, the company that holds the Taco Bell licence in Europe, said that they can “confirm that Switzerland is also part of Taco Bell's expansion strategy.” With the announcement, the alpine nation is soon set to join the roughly 30 countries around the world with a branch of the restaurant.

Founded in 1962 by entrepreneur Glen Bell, Taco Bell is mostly known for its fusion of US and Mexican cuisine called Tex-Mex. Diners can expect a flavourful menu ranging from tacos and burritos to quesadillas and nachos, all at an affordable price - though whether this strategy will extend to its Swiss branches, remains to be seen.

While the spokesperson was unable to confirm which Swiss city would be treated to a Taco Bell first, or when the first branch will open, they confirmed that the Swiss plan is part of the wider scheme to expand across Europe. The brand is set to open its first branches in Berlin in July or August 2024, with 150 restaurants planned across Germany for the near future.

Fast food in Switzerland: US brands flood into the market

Taco Bell will join Carl’s Junior, Five Guys and Krispy Kreme in opening in Switzerland in the last year. Compared to other nations in Europe, diners across Swiss cantons have been relatively slow to embrace fast food from anywhere other than McDonald's and Burger King. For instance, Dunkin’ Donuts opened its first branch in 2016, and Kentucky Fried Chicken only returned to the country in 2017 after its two inaugural branches went bust shortly after opening in 2004.

Indeed, experts speaking to the Aargauer Zeitung noted that it may be difficult for Taco Bell to succeed in Switzerland with such an influx of competition. They estimated that the chain should open 20 branches, especially in major cities like Zurich and Geneva, if they are to make the expansion a success.

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