American cult-favourite Krispy Kreme opens first store in Switzerland

American cult-favourite Krispy Kreme opens first store in Switzerland

Want a hefty dose of sugar-coated Americana in one indulgent bite? Then Krispy Kreme is the store for you. As of July 12, the locals of Lausanne have their chance to eat at the famous doughnut (or in their words donut) shop, with Krispy Kreme’s first store in Switzerland opening in the city on Wednesday.

Krispy Kreme: the American cult food favourite

Founded in North Carolina in 1937, Krispy Kreme has become a staple of American food culture thanks to its “hot off the conveyor” freshly made doughnuts. As the famous “Hot. Now.” sign alludes to, the centrepiece of most Krispy Kreme stores is a “hot light theatre” where you are able to observe the entire doughnut-making process for yourself. This also means the pastry treats are fresh out of the cooker, meaning they are still warm to the touch as you dig in. 

However, despite being a firm favourite in the United States, and having spread to more than 30 countries around the world, the brand is yet to venture into mainland Europe. That is, until now.

Krispy Kreme plans further expansion in Switzerland

As of July 12, the first-ever Krispy Kreme store in continental Europe is open on the rue Pichard in Lausanne. The firm joins other American brands like Starbucks (2001) and KFC (2017) and rival Dunkin’ Donuts (2015) in tentatively dipping its toes into the Swiss market.

Speaking to Watson, Krispy Kreme Lausanne boss Nicolas Duleroy said that along with the store, doughnuts will be made available for delivery and they will potentially expand to selling their products in Swiss supermarkets. He also confirmed that other Kirspy Kreme stores are planned for French-speaking Switzerland and that 150 jobs will be created by the expansion.

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