Switzerland set for a tropical weekend as heatwave grips the country

Switzerland set for a tropical weekend as heatwave grips the country

For the next week, the weather in Switzerland is set to be tropical, with temperatures across the country reaching above 30 degrees Celsius. The latest heatwave is expected to end on Wednesday, when massive thunderstorms are forecast.

35-degree tropical temperatures expected across Swiss cities

Residents of Switzerland have been basking in Mediterranean-like temperatures for the past few days, in what is set to be the strongest heatwave of the summer so far. The high temperatures are being caused by hot winds from Portugal and Spain, with Madrid seeing temperatures as high as 40 degrees in recent weeks.

On Friday and over the weekend, temperatures of up to 35 degrees are forecast to hit Swiss cities. The hottest areas are expected to be Geneva, Canton Valais and Canton Ticino. For those looking for cooler temperatures, ski resorts, especially those in Canton Graubünden, will “only” see the mercury rise to 28 degrees.

The hot temperatures will be paired with bright sunshine and a significant lack of rain, with little forecast until the middle of next week. While this does present an ideal opportunity for a swim in a Swiss river or lake, care should be taken to protect your skin as the UV index has been set at between 7 and 8 in most parts of the country, and up to 11 in high areas of the mountains

Heatwave has increased the chance of forest fires in Switzerland

The stunningly hot temperatures and lack of rain have also raised the prospect of forest fires across the country. Canton Zurich, Schaffhausen and most western and southern cantons have all raised their forest fire risk level to between “considerable danger” and “great danger.” 

Advice from the government and fire brigade is to avoid setting fires in forests and outside designated barbecue areas - Geneva has already banned fires in forests since July 5. To see what specific guidelines apply to your canton, check out the Federal Office for the Environment’s website.

The dry weather has also raised questions about how Swiss National Day will be celebrated on August 1. According to 20 minuten, many cantons are considering a ban on fireworks and bonfires if the drought continues.

Switzerland set for a scorching few days

The sky-high temperatures are expected to peak on Friday and Saturday, but will remain high until Wednesday, when thunderstorms are forecast across the country. Of course, the volatility of summer thunderstorms means they may arrive earlier than expected, but it is safe to say that Switzerland is set for a scorching couple of days.

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