Switzerland set for stunning sunny weekend with 30-degree temperatures

Switzerland set for stunning sunny weekend with 30-degree temperatures

The weather in Switzerland is set to take a turn for the better this weekend, as the constant and continual thunderstorms seen over the last week give way to stunning sunshine and 28 to 30-degree temperatures in Swiss cantons and cities.

Perfect summer temperatures and sunshine forecast for Switzerland

It’s safe to say that the weather in Switzerland has been temperamental in recent weeks, with near-constant thunderstorms, driving rain and the occasional hailstorm. Canton Ticino in particular has experienced multiple heavy storms from the beginning of June, ruining the plans of many holidaymakers.

Luckily, this trend is set to end this weekend. Over the next three days, the sun is expected to shine across the country, with temperatures between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius forecast for Saturday and Sunday. The hottest temperatures are expected to be in Geneva and Lausanne, with the mercury peaking at 30 degrees.

This weekend is a great opportunity to visit the Swiss mountains

This weekend is also expected to provide a good opportunity to visit the Swiss mountains, with 23-degrees forecast for Zermatt and other ski resorts, perfect conditions for a summer hike or a trip on a Swiss mountain railway. For the clearest and most uninterrupted views of the Alps, Saturday is your best bet.

For swimmers in Swiss lakes and rivers, the frequent thunderstorms and rain showers have not given the larger lakes time to warm up, meaning temperatures on Lake Zurich, Lake Geneva and Lake Constance are only between 18 and 20 degrees. For the warmest water, it is best to visit one of the smaller lakes like the Katzensee near Zurich or the Hüttwilersee near Frauenfeld.

The good weather is set to continue until late on Sunday night, when light rain showers are expected across the country. However, this will be short-lived, with patchy clouds and pleasant 25-degree temperatures forecast for the rest of next week.

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