Switzerland battered by two storms in three days

Switzerland battered by two storms in three days

Switzerland awoke to gale force winds on Monday morning as Storm Antonia swept across the country. This is the second large storm to impact the country in three days after Storm Zeynep (Eunice) arrived in Switzerland on Friday.

Storms Zeynep and Antonia blast Switzerland

Storm Zeynep, called Storm Eunice in the Netherlands, had a major impact on public transport in Switzerland, with trains having to cope with gusts of up to 80 kilometres per hour in the Mittelland, and hurricane-force winds in the mountains. Despite some delays on rail services, Switzerland survived the storm largely unharmed, with some in the northeast of the country experiencing springtime temperatures of 15 degrees and more.

The latest storm, called Antonia by Swiss meteorologists, arrived late on Sunday night after travelling through Germany and the Benelux. The storm brought thunder, rain, snow and strong winds, topping out at 164 km / h on the Chasseral in the Swiss Jura. Swiss mountains and cities had gales faster than the speed limit on Swiss motorways, with up to 147 km / h winds recorded on Säntis. Two accidents have also been reported in Bern.

Warm spring temperatures set to return to Switzerland

20 minuten reported that Storm Antonia was the first storm this winter where Switzerland was “touched” as opposed to being passed by. MeteoNews said that the strongest effects of the storm would be felt between 4am and 8am on February 21. The high winds across the country will be accompanied by rainstorms and snow above 600 metres.

The wind is expected to calm down by Wednesday, with warm temperatures returning and the sun shining in many places. Scattered showers will be found across the country as the week goes on, but the rain will be nowhere near as heavy as the storm itself.

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