Swisscom launches 4 in 1 streaming subscription featuring Disney+ and Sky

Swisscom launches 4 in 1 streaming subscription featuring Disney+ and Sky

With the litany of different platforms available today, it can be a struggle to figure out where your favourite TV shows and movies are actually available, which subscriptions are worth keeping and which ones are not worth the money or screen time. Now, the Swiss internet, mobile phone and TV provider, Swisscom, has announced a new package which offers the libraries of four streaming services for one low price.

Swisscom launches new cheap streaming subscription

Instead of having to trawl through the channels hoping to find the show you want before it starts, the TV and film viewers of today have to sift through a huge number of different streaming services to find what they actually want to watch. From Amazon and Netflix to Disney+ and Sky, binge-watchers in Switzerland have to shell out a lot of money in order to make sure all the latest shows are just a click away.

Now, along with announcing their new TV-Box 5, Swisscom has launched the new “blue SuperMax” subscription. The new package - which will be available to all Swisscom customers across Swiss cities and cantons, regardless of which box they have installed - should become available on the Swisscom website from October 24, 2023.

Disney, Paramount, Sky and Swisscom at the touch of a button

As part of the package, users are given access to the TV series and film libraries of Disney+, Paramount+, Sky Cinema and Swisscom’s own blue Max, all for 24,90 francs a month (with an annual subscription). The company noted that this deal is around 35 percent cheaper than buying individual subscriptions for each service, representing a huge saving for anyone who needs to catch up on their favourite gritty Sky drama or heartwarming Disney flick.

“We bring together what belongs together for our customers. The whole world of entertainment,” Swisscom board member Dirk Wierzbitzki told 20 Minuten. He conceded that while the “super package” does not include Netflix or Amazon, he still thinks many people will take them up on their “generous offer.”

Along with the new subscription, the new optional TV box will be much smaller than previous models and feature better integration with Google products. The box offers full access to Android TV services, Google Assistant and the Google Play Store.

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