Swiss inventions: New wake-up supplement designed in St. Gallen

Swiss inventions: New wake-up supplement designed in St. Gallen

Scientists in St. Gallen have invented a new pill to satisfy the night owls among us. Called the B・SYNC ON, it is designed to be taken before you go to sleep in order to wake up fully refreshed and revitalised for the day ahead.

Wake up pill to give you the energy to begin the day

We’ve all been there: a late night on the town partying or working has left us groggy and lethargic the morning after. Many night owls crave the energy and focus that early birds conjure in the dawn hours every morning, which is where the new pill comes in.

“I finally wanted to get up fit and be able to enjoy the morning when not many people are out and about,” said CEO and entrepreneur Sascha Fritsche. He explained that the pill took six years to develop in the Galventa lab in St. Gallen, and would allow everyone to wake up energised and focused on the day ahead.

Pill designed to give seven hours sleep before a big caffeine boost

Containing a range of vitamins and caffeine, the pill is designed to be taken before bed. Despite the inclusion of caffeine, the inventors were quick to stress that “thanks to a technology patented by us, the ingredients caffeine, zinc, vitamin B5 and B12 are only released into the body seven hours after ingestion.”

For those who want to sleep longer than seven hours, the inventor says the product is not recommended. It also has about as much caffeine as a cup of espresso, so children and women who are pregnant are not advised to take the pill. You can order the pills online, and, if sales are successful, you should see them on supermarket shelves by 2023.

Video: Sascha Fritsche / Vimeo

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