Swiss employer takes staff on free 13-day holiday to Costa Rica

Swiss employer takes staff on free 13-day holiday to Costa Rica

When we think of a great boss, most workers in the 21st century would imagine compassion and empathy, the odd pizza party and maybe an annual increase in salary. One hotelier at a Swiss ski resort has certainly gone above and beyond and a bit further, taking his staff on a 13-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Costa Rica.

Hotel staff from St. Moritz treated to 13-day Costa Rica adventure

Between November 12 and 24, the 30 people who work at the Waldhaus am See hotel in St. Moritz were treated to a luxury holiday for free. The trip took them to stunning Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica, where employees were treated to swimming, boat excursions and fishing. The hotel covered the cost of flights, hotel, meals and excursions.

“It cost around 100.000 francs. But since I know the manager of the hotel in Costa Rica, we saved 50.000 francs,” noted hotel manager Sandro Bernasconi. The hotel in Costa Rica is owned by a family from the Engadine, and as thanks for the trip, 100 members of staff from Costa Rica will get their own all-expenses paid holiday to St. Moritz next autumn.

Generous gesture meant to thank staff for service

Speaking to 20 Minuten, Bernasconi said that his main aim was to thank his staff for their service. “Some employees have been employed at the hotel for 35 years and have never had such an experience before. Some have never even travelled by plane,” he added.

Luckily, the hotel was able to be emptied for the holiday, as it is technically owned by dairy cooperative VMMO - whose members produce a quarter of all Swiss milk. During the staff’s absence, farmers from the cooperative were given the opportunity to use the rooms while some renovations were being made. According to 20 Minuten, at one point, the three-star hotel was home to 15 dairy farmers.

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