Swiss bakery creates edible wedding dress, breaking world record

Swiss bakery creates edible wedding dress, breaking world record

When you’re planning your wedding in Switzerland, you don’t expect to be wearing your own cake - well, apart from when you spill some after too many sherries with your new chérie at the reception. For one bakery in Switzerland that definitely is the case after they baked an edible wedding dress, breaking a world record in the process.

Swiss wedding dress made of cake breaks Guinness World Record

Speaking to 20 Minuten, SweetyCakes, a bakery based in Thun, Canton Bern, announced that they had baked a cake in the shape of a wedding dress. The cake, fully edible and wearable, was presented at Swiss Wedding World in Bern - an exhibition showcasing the most popular things to have when getting married and starting a family in Switzerland.

During the event, the dress broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s heaviest wearable dress made of cake. The whole assembly weighed 131,15 kilograms, breaking the minimum limit for an edible wedding dress, set by Guinness at 68 kilos.

To make the cake, bakers used 20 kilograms of flour, 20 kilos of sugar, 100 kilos of chocolate fondant and 600 eggs. The dress was also immaculately designed and decorated with chocolate, vanilla cookies, icing, buttercream, sprinkles and edible pearls. To ensure its stability, the bakery also employed a local metalworker to create a frame to make sure the creation didn’t collapse when worn.



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Swiss edible wedding dress took 30 people to make

“In total, more than 30 people participated in our project,” noted SweetCakes founder Natasha Lee Fokas. “The production was very demanding and took a long time. But it was also wildly fun, even if sometimes I wished I could close my eyes, slip away and come back to see the finished dress," she told 20 Minuten.

The creation was received to thunderous applause by those attending the event. What’s more, much to the relief of its creators, the lady in the dress managed to walk a whole 5 metres without the dress being damaged.



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