Swiss airlines announce expanded timetables for summer 2024

Swiss airlines announce expanded timetables for summer 2024

Already thinking about your dream holiday for this summer? SWISS and Edelweiss Air certainly are, with the flag carrier airline of Switzerland and its sister company recently announcing a bevvy of new and expanded routes from airports in Switzerland. Additional flights are planned to several top destinations, with a brand new Nordic route set to launch from Geneva.

SWISS announces bolstered summer timetable for 2024

From March 31 to October 26, 2024, SWISS will be offering new and more numerous flights to and from Switzerland. In total, SWISS will serve 113 destinations directly from Zurich and 44 routes from Geneva by the time summer begins.

The biggest highlight will be a new route from Geneva to Oslo. “The Norwegian capital impresses visitors with its mix of modern architecture, green parks and cultural highlights such as the opera house. It also attracts with its proximity to nature, including fjords and forests, and offers a lively gastronomic scene,” SWISS wrote in a press release.

Expanded number of holiday flights from Zurich and Geneva

2024 will also see connections between Copenhagen, Stockholm and Geneva extended beyond the winter season and into the summer. SWISS will also expand the number of flights to top destinations in the Mediterranean and the rest of Europe, namely Athens, Brindisi, Brussels, Catania, Málaga, Palma and Valencia.

For Zurich, SWISS will be extending its new-ish winter season route to Bremen to cover the summer as well, along with bringing in new flights to Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Košice in Slovakia as previously announced. Residents of Zurich will also have more of an opportunity to soak up some sun, with more flights planned to Alicante, Madrid, Naples, Venice and Vilnius.

Edelweiss Air to serve 93 destinations from Zurich

SWISS isn’t the only airline to plan an expansion, with Edelweiss Air announcing that it would be significantly expanding its offering this summer. The sister company of SWISS confirmed that it would fly to 93 destinations from its base in Zurich from April 2024.

During the summer, the airline will be expanding its routes to the Canary Islands and Spain. Up to 53 flights a week are set to fly to destinations from Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote to Menorca and Santiago de Compostela, among many others. Portuguese destinations like Faro, Funchal and Ponta Delgada will also get more services.

More flights planned for across Europe and beyond

Those preferring northern climes can also benefit from 10 flights a week to the enchanting Scottish capital of Edinburgh, while it certainly wouldn’t be corny to visit the Cornish capital Newquay on one of Edelweiss’ two weekly flights. Iceland (Keflavík and Akureyri) and Norway (Evenes and the Lofoten Islands) will also see new or expanded services from Zurich.

Finally, in changes too long to mention, Edelweiss will also be bolstering its flight schedules to France Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy and Kosovo. Wherever you choose to visit in the summer of 2024, SWISS and Edelweiss hopefully have you covered!

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