Super blue moon to grace the skies above Switzerland on August 30

Super blue moon to grace the skies above Switzerland on August 30

As September finally comes into view, people across Swiss cities and cantons will be given a chance to see a marvel of the cosmos. On the night of August 30, the skies above Switzerland will be lit up by a super blue moon.

Super blue moon to rise above Switzerland on August 30

On the night of August 30, stargazers across Switzerland will be able to see a super blue moon. It is set to be the largest and brightest moon of the year, so it won’t be difficult to spot as it rises from the east at 8.22pm.

Those hoping to see our closest astral neighbour coated in azure are sadly out of luck, as a blue moon refers to how rare it is, not its colour. While a supermoon - the largest visible moon - only occurs when it is at its closest point to the earth at the same time that it is at its fullest, if there are two full moons in a single calendar month, the second is referred to as a blue moon, or in this case a super blue moon. This only happens every two to three years. 

Second supermoon of August 2023 to be visible across Switzerland

With the first supermoon having occurred on the night of Swiss National Day, people across the country will be able to see the huge moon in all its glory again on the night of August 30. While it will be visible to the naked eye, the event should be a great opportunity to use a telescope to help see the many nooks and crannies on the lunar surface.

The only fly in the ointment, as is the case with meteor showerscomets and other space-related events, is quite simple: for the blue moon to catch us standing alone, without a dream in our hearts but perhaps a telescope in our hands, the weather has to be clear. Sadly, at the time of writing, the weather across the country on August 30 is set to be cloudy and rainy, so you may only get a brief chance to see the rare blue supermoon.

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