Perseids meteor shower to peak over Switzerland on August 12

Perseids meteor shower to peak over Switzerland on August 12

On the night of August 12 to 13, 2023, people across Switzerland will be treated to one of the most iconic astronomical events of the year as the Perseids meteor shower peaks in the night sky. Up to 100 meteors an hour are expected during the peak, meaning everyone across Swiss cities and cantons will get a chance to catch a glimpse of this cosmic treat.

Perseids meteor shower in 2023

From July 17 to August 24, 2023, the Perseids (or Perseid) meteor shower is due to pass over Switzerland and the rest of Europe, peaking on the night of August 12. Taking place every August, the shower occurs as the Earth passes through the debris field left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle. The comet's nucleus is 26 kilometres across, making it the largest body in the solar system that passes close to the Earth, something it does every 133 years.

The meteor shower is known as the Perseids because the meteors seem to originate from the constellation of Perseus. It is regarded as one of the most impressive meteor showers of the year, with up to 100 meteors an hour set to be visible in the northern hemisphere during its peak. 

How to watch the Perseids meteor shower in Switzerland

Luckily, the Perseids meteor shower in 2023 comes at an ideal time, with the peak on August 12 being three days before a new moon. As a result, the night sky above Switzerland is expected to be near-devoid of natural light pollution, meaning fainter and more distant meteors will be visible to the naked eye - although the weather does remain a concern.

If you want to see as many meteors as possible, it’s best to head out of the cities to a place with little to no light pollution, such as up mountains or in fields and ski resorts. While visible for most of the night, the peak of the meteor shower is expected between midnight and 3am on August 13. In terms of direction, the Perseids will most likely emerge between the northwest horizon and the peak of the night sky.

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