Summer here to stay as high temperatures forecast for Switzerland

Summer here to stay as high temperatures forecast for Switzerland

In what will be good news for sunbathers and swimmers across the country, even warmer weather is set to arrive in the alpine nation this week, with some Swiss cantons seeing temperatures as high as 30 degrees celsius by the weekend. The weather in Switzerland will be warm and sunny throughout the country until at least the end of the week.

Even warmer weather on its way to Switzerland

According to the Swiss meteorological news site MeteoNews, high temperatures of between 23 and 28 degrees will be the norm for the coming week. Most Swiss cantons will see plenty of sunshine, though some regions may experience thunderstorms later in the week, especially in the Swiss Alps and in the south of the country.

The hottest temperatures are expected to arrive just in time for the weekend. While this is good news for bathers who might be wanting to take their first dip in a Swiss lake, the dry and sunny conditions will mean that pollen levels in the alpine nation will remain very high - especially grass pollen.

30 degrees possible in Switzerland this week

A new 2023 temperature record was already set in Switzerland last Friday, with 28,9 degrees being recorded in Valais. Now, MeteoNews meteorologist Roger Perret told Blick that he predicts Valais and Basel will likely see the mercury crack 30 degrees for the first time this year.

After a scorching weekend, Perret predicted that the weather next week will be more changeable. “Models show that the weather could then cool down to around 20 degrees and that thunderstorms may be heading towards us. It could also get wet," he concluded.

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