Spotify raises prices for users in Switzerland for first time in 10 years

Spotify raises prices for users in Switzerland for first time in 10 years

For the first time in 10 years, the music streaming giant Spotify has increased its subscription prices in Switzerland. The company said that it needs to raise prices in order to continue to expand its services.

Spotify raises prices for Swiss users

From the beginning of August, anyone in Switzerland looking to sign up for Spotify for use on their mobile phones, laptops or other devices will have to pay 13,95 francs a month, an increase of one franc a month compared to previously. It represents the first Spotify price rise in Switzerland since 2013.

The price of a Spotify Duo account - which lets two users living at the same address make use of the platform at a lower cost - has risen by two francs to 18,95 a month, while the Family account - designed, as the name suggests, with families in mind - now costs 22,95 francs a month, up from 20,95. 

Swiss students will also have to pay a franc more for Spotify, with their special package now costing 7,95 a month. The new price structure has already come into force for new Spotify customers, while those already using the service have until September before the new price kicks in.

Spotify joins Netflix and Apple in increasing prices

In a statement, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek confirmed that they would be joining other streaming services like Netflix and Apple Music in raising their prices. Speaking to Watson, a spokesperson added that the price hike will be used to develop and expand their selection of music, noting that their “goal is to always offer the best possible experience."

Despite the price rises, it’s safe to say that Spotify will continue to dominate the Swiss music market: the latest data from the Electronic Media Interest Group found that the company had 2,5 million subscribers across Swiss cities and cantons at the end of 2021 - more than a quarter of the population - not to mention the 220 million users they have worldwide.

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