Snow heading for Switzerland as mild weather comes to an end

Snow heading for Switzerland as mild weather comes to an end

The unseasonably mild weather Switzerland has been experiencing is set to come to an end today as a cold snap moves in. The next week will see Foehn winds in the Swiss Alps, strong gusts of wind in the lowlands and the return of snow on Wednesday. 

Temperatures will drop across Switzerland

From Tuesday night, temperatures across Switzerland will begin to drop dramatically, and strong winds will rise, especially in the flatter parts of the country. On high peaks, there will be hurricane-force winds for climbers and hikers to contend with. 

Much of southern Switzerland will see rain on Wednesday, while in the east there will be a fresh sprinkling of snow, particularly in the mountains. Snow will also reach flatter parts of the country on January 7 and 8. 

Swiss winters have been getting warmer

Despite this winter’s seemingly surprising mildness, it is not uncommon. Over the past five years, Swiss winters have been getting warmer, and temperatures have caused concern for climate change activists and researchers. Scientists are concerned that if the winter temperature continues to rise, the overall increase could be as high as an extra 3,5 degrees by 2050. 

This situation is especially risky for Switzerland, due to its complex geography and stunning landscape. If temperatures continue to rise, snow and ice could melt and cause rivers and lakes to overflow and flood across the country.



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