Paramount Plus launches in Switzerland: What you need to know

Paramount Plus launches in Switzerland: What you need to know

From the beginning of December 2022, families and individuals in Switzerland will be able to enjoy another online streaming platform: Paramount Plus. The new service from the famous movie maker will give people in the alpine nation the chance to see 400 different films and MTV, Showtime and Comedy Central shows on the internet.

Paramount Plus available in Switzerland from December 1, 2022

From December 1, 2022, people in Switzerland, Germany and Austria will be able to subscribe to the streaming service of Paramount Pictures - creators of Titanic, Breakfast at Tiffany’sTop Gun: Maverick and the Transformer and Mission: Impossible movies. Viewers across Swiss cantons and cities will able to stream movies and TV shows that were previously inaccessible in Switzerland - at least, without a VPN.

At 12 francs a month for a standalone plan, Paramount Plus finds itself mid-table in terms of cost. It's not as cheap as the 8 francs a month for Apple TV Plus, but much cheaper than Netflix, which is 24,90 Swiss francs a month for a premium package - one of the highest prices for Netflix in Europe.

What do you get with Paramount Plus in Switzerland?

So, what do you get for 12 francs? According to, the streaming platform offers around 400 movies and a number of television series at launch. "Other productions from Paramount’s extensive archives will likely be added in the future,” predicted telecom expert Ralf Beyeler.

With Paramount Plus, viewers get access to the libraries of many of the top television and movie producers, especially American ones. MTV, Comedy Central, Showtime and many others are available, meaning Star Trek, Dexter, CSI, NCIS and Hawaii Five-O are just a click away.

From the silver screen, many of the world’s top box office performers are there and ready to watch. Top Gun: Maverick, La La Land, Sonic the Hedgehog and Scream are just four of the biggest names.

Consumer experts predict a bumpy road for Paramount Plus

While it may be the freshest streaming service on the market, experts at concluded that it may be hard for Paramount Plus to gain a foothold in Switzerland, with 58 percent of residents telling the company that they still use Netflix regularly. “Convincing Swiss consumers to get an additional subscription is not an easy task,” Beyeler concluded.

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