Minus 23 degree conditions in parts of Switzerland after bitterly cold night

Minus 23 degree conditions in parts of Switzerland after bitterly cold night

Switzerland woke to an icy morning on Tuesday, with temperatures in the mountains falling to well below minus 15 degrees Celsius. In the town of La Brévine, the weather was even harsher, dropping to minus 23,2 degrees overnight.

Arctic temperatures in Switzerland

While the Swiss cities of Geneva and Zurich woke up to a relatively warm zero degrees, the situation in the mountains was a totally different story. The weather around Boltingen, Canton Bern, and Visp, Canton Valais, saw the coldest temperatures recorded in the area so far in 2021, with minus 17,1 and 15,8 degrees respectively.

In the town of La Brévine, temperatures dropped even further, to minus 23,2 degrees overnight, similar to temperatures seen on a warm day at the north pole this time of year. The area is famous for its microclimate, which means that, despite being at a low altitude, it experiences some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in Switzerland, the lowest being minus 41,8 degrees Celsius in 1987.

Little chance of a white Christmas in Swiss cities

The icy conditions were also present in the high alpine valleys, leading to dangerous conditions underfoot and for drivers. Underneath a warm fog blanket, Swiss cities saw relatively warm temperatures as their residents woke up, barely dropping below freezing.

The weather on Wednesday and Thursday is set to be cold, but is then due to thaw in time for Christmas. Over the Christmas weekend, the majority of the country will see high temperatures of around 7 to 10 degrees during the day, and a distinct lack of frost overnight, which sadly will mean little chance of a white Christmas in the cities.

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