Largest supermoon of the year visible in Switzerland tonight

Largest supermoon of the year visible in Switzerland tonight

Attention stargazers! On the night of July 13, the largest super full moon of the year will be visible in Switzerland. If the weather remains clear (which is likely), people across the country will be able to catch a glimpse of the lunar surface in greater brightness and clarity.

Largest full moon of the year comes to Switzerland

A supermoon is a moon that is at its closest orbit to earth, making it significantly larger in the night’s sky. The moon will be 16 percent brighter than usual, which will make it easier to spot specific craters and landmarks from the earth, especially if you are equipped with a telescope.

The supermoon on July 13 is special because it coincides with a full moon, meaning that it will be possible to view most of the lunar surface in greater size and clarity. It will be the third and largest supermoon of the year, the other smaller moons having taken place in May and June.

When can I see the super full moon in Switzerland?

According to Alarme Météo, the full moon, also known as the thunder moon, will become visible in Switzerland from 8.37pm on Wednesday, July 13. The moon will be visible in the night’s sky until 4.30am on July 14.

Currently, the weather is set to be clear across the country, meaning that the moon will be visible in all cities and cantons. For the best view of the event, it is best to equip yourself with binoculars or a telescope and travel to parts of the country with little to no artificial light, such as farmland or the mountains.

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