King Charles cancels annual Swiss ski trip ahead of coronation

King Charles cancels annual Swiss ski trip ahead of coronation

The British monarch, King Charles, has reportedly cancelled his family tradition of travelling to Switzerland to ski. The King is said to have concerns about visiting a lavish Swiss ski resort at a time when many British people are struggling with the increasing cost of living. 

King Charles to have coronation in the UK in May

Aside from concerns about the optics of the trip at a time of financial hardship for many, The Sun newspaper cites sources close to the king as having said that he also wants to keep the focus on his upcoming coronation in May. The source told the newspaper that the king also wants to avoid getting injured before the event. 

The coronation itself will be held on May 6, 2023, but is expected to go on until May 8. As is the case with many royal events in the United Kingdom, heads of state from around the world, including the president of Switzerland, will be invited and thousands of Brits and tourists are expected to attend the celebrations. 

British royal family enjoys trips to Switzerland

For many years, the British royal family have enjoyed many trips to Switzerland, including the late Queen Elizabeth II, who made an official state visit to the country in 1980. The Duke of York, Andrew, enjoyed spending time in Switzerland so much that he bought a house in Switzerland, in the town of Verbier in the Swiss mountains, which he only sold recently.

The princes William and Harry are also known to have enjoyed childhood ski trips to the country as well. Photos from the pair’s youth show them enjoying skiing with the now-King Charles in their favourite ski resort - the town of Klosters.

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