Hero police dog rescues elderly Swiss man in 30 minutes

Hero police dog rescues elderly Swiss man in 30 minutes

A well-trained and intelligent dog, who is a member of the Swiss police, has helped to find and rescue a retiree who was reported missing last weekend. The dog called Falu located the missing man in good time, only taking 30 minutes to find the 85-year-old who had fallen while walking and was unable to get back up. 

85-year-old man went missing in Basel-Land

The missing person in question was an 85-year-old man who was reported missing early on Saturday evening after leaving his house and not returning home. The man had been missing for five hours when the police were called out to look for him in the town of Laufen, Canton Basel-Land. 

Upon arriving, the police undertook a thorough search of the immediate area surrounding the pensioner’s home. When no sign of the man was found, the police called out a handler and his tracking dog Falu. 

Dog rescues stricken Swiss pensioner in 30 minutes

Within 30 minutes of first following the scent of the missing man, the dog - whose full name is Falu von Haus Schladern - was able to locate the pensioner at around 10.15pm, just outside of Laufen. The man had fallen and was not able to stand up on his own. Thankfully, Falu and his human police colleagues were able to return the man back home safely. While an ambulance was called, police described the man as being in good health. 

Image: / Natali Glado

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