Video of happy Swiss cows frolicking in field goes viral

Video of happy Swiss cows frolicking in field goes viral

A farmer from Canton Bern has risen to viral stardom after a video of his cows frolicking in the fields took Twitter by storm. The organic farmer said that this time of year is when the cows are happiest and was glad to capture the moment on film.

Happy Swiss cows go viral across the world

“The cows know when the time comes… they get excited,” said Christian Tüscher, the farmer and viral star. The video of his cows bouncing around in the fresh air has so far garnered 30.000 likes and 712.000 views.

After a long winter, springtime is when the cattle are released back into the fields and valleys in the Swiss mountains to graze, which Tüscher said is one of the happiest times for cows. The caption of the video says it is a “little encouragement from our farm at this conflict-ridden time.”

Viral Swiss cows part of a bio farm

Tüscher has been capturing life on his farm since he joined Twitter in 2009, from the grooming and cleaning of his herd to the birth of new baby calves. His farm is organic and ensures good practice and care in the keeping of the animals.

Tüscher said that good treatment of the cows makes for happier animals and better products. His “happy cows” have now been viewed the world over, with commenters thanking Tüscher for his happy video in an otherwise uncertain time.

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